JanzenBrands can get to the core of your brand’s uniqueness faster and more effectively because it is not an ad agency. We are not burdened by the traditional layers and/or walls that keep you from collaborating directly and efficiently with the brains doing the work.

What we offer is a new model for bringing together extremely experienced senior marketing talents and capabilities with brands and businesses that understand that the most effective marketing doesn’t have to be the most expensive.

That’s because every service is priced affordably, without commissions, and always à la Carte. With savings up to 50% compared to conventional agencies, and results that come faster, what’s in it for you with JanzenBrands is the kind of marketing relationship you’ve always wanted.


     being yourself also means not being someone else. Contact Gary today to learn more about discovering your true identity and communicating that to your desired target audience.


When you choose JanzenBrands to uncover and leverage the power within your brand, you collaborate directly with Gary Janzen. With over 30 years of experience working with everything from Fortune 50 brands to startups, Gary offers wise counsel, expert marketing analysis, and a skill set that includes executive creative director and writer. Your direct line to Gary means you have a sounding board for a second opinion or fresh perspective on a marketing issue or idea.

You can immediately launch new marketing or branding projects with Gary’s senior leadership and team. You can rely on him as an idea generator or editor, as well as your virtual marketing director who will work seamlessly with your existing agency or in-house marketing department without a full time obligation.

Backing up Gary is a network of independent suppliers who have extensive experience working in many of the best national agencies and working on notable brands in nearly every category. And who have no ego restrictions about projects others would consider too small for their talents.


à la carte pricing means you never bite off more than you can chew. This is the core principle behind Gary’s proven formula for getting his clients big agency results for the cost of a lean, mean, tactical team. Contact Gary today to learn how your business can benefit from Gary’s proven process.

We are advocates for discovering that unique point of difference and making it shine. Two words sum up the criteria every form of communication must meet: evocative and effective. We’ve found that when a brand engages with its customers it also motivates. Take a moment to view some examples of JanzenBrands work that has produced exceptional ROI for our equally exceptional clients, some developed in collaboration with in-house marketing departments or through one-on-one consultancy.


You never know what you’ll find until you dig deeper. Click on the thumbnails to the right to unearth a few samples of some gems we’ve produced for our vast base of clients and categories.